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Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning


Chaseburg Farmers Co-op offers services in many areas of the heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality arena. We are an Amana brand authorized dealer. Our team brings with it over 14 years combined experience in the industry. We service most brands on the market today. We can do practically any task you may have, from a simple switch out to a full installation in new construction.

The Chaseburg Co-op provides free estimates for all your HVAC needs. We also offer financing for all Amana brand products. Please contact us for more information.

John Leisgang
HVAC Manager
Office: 608-483-2194
Cell: 608-792-8119



Modine Heaters


Chaseburg Farmers Co-op offers Modine Heaters ways to keep your garage or shop at the right temperature you want.

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Fujtsu Mini Split Systems


Fujtsu Mini Split Systems offer the ease of adding cooling to your home with no installation of ductwork. There is a simple unit on the outside and a unit on the inside with only piping between.

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Water Heaters

Chaseburg Farmers Co-op offer a few options when it comes to waters. We offer the standard efficiency tank type water heaters, and also the tank type high efficiency heat pump. There is also the on demand, or tank less water heaters that are available.

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High Efficiency
Bradford White Brand


Noritz Brand


Indoor Air Quality

Chaseburg Farmers Co-op offer different products that make the quality of your indoor air much better. There are such products as whole house sir exchangers with Hepa filtration. UV lights take care of those pesky odors, viruses, and bacteria that wreak havoc on those with allergies. Also available is humidification.

Air exchangers bring in outside air, filter it and exhaust stale inside air. There are two types to these: one is the air exchanger or ERV, the other is a heat recovery unit or HRV.

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UV lights offer the option to freshen the air inside your home by eliminating odors and smoke to killing viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. They also can get rid of allergens that can make your life miserable.

Proper humidification is essential in the house. We offer Honeywell humidification and products.


Fan Powered Unit


Water Saving Unit