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STAGG’S™ Premium Fuel Pellets



STAGG’S™ Premium Fuel Pellets are the optimal choice for your pellet stove. We use a formulated blend of oaks and other hardwood specifically designed for your pellet stove to operate at peak performance.

The number one reason you want to buy fuel pellets is for heat.  STAGG’S™ is your premium choice for several reasons:

  • Our pellets have a high heat output of greater than 8,000 BTUs per pound.  So, you fill the hopper less often.   Lower grade pellets may be cheaper, but less heat per pound means more bags to purchase and more hopper filling.
  • Our pellets have a low moisture content.  This is a triple benefit.  They light quickly and contribute to the heat output since no BTUs are wasted vaporizing water.  And, it makes the pellets more durable, fewer crumbs.
  • Our pellets have a very low ash content, less than 1%.  Your stove will run more efficiently and you can clean less often.
  • Our pellets have no additives, binders, bark, dirt, sand, or contaminants.  This has multiple benefits, but mainly, you gain more BTUs and less ash is produced.

Our pellets exceed industry standards for ash, BTU and moisture levels.  They’re clean and since the wood source comes only from our operations, their burn properties are consistent.  And, you’re assured that our pellet supply is sustained.  Our company is never at the mercy of an external supply source.


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