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Purina Feeds

Minerals and Premixes
Dry cow feeds
Wind and rain mineral
Steak maker supplements
Rangeland tubs
Calf and Heifer
Milk replacers – cows match
Amplicalf starters
Amplicalf grower
Heifer smart minerals

Companion animal
Red Flannel dog and cat
Country Acres dog and cat
Country Acres horse feed
Rabbit Chow
HG chick starter and grower
Layer 18
Duck and Goose grower
Sheep Feeds
Purina Lamb Creep
Lamb starter and grower
Premier sheep mineral


Quality Liquid Feeds

Select 40, Lick tanks, TMR tanks, Mixed feeds, Ignite lick tubs with IGR, Cow Max


Feed for our feathered friends

Black sunflower, Thistle seed, Cardinal mix, Cracked and shell corn

We have our own mill mixed feeds on hand which include calf starters and growers (texturized) and poultry 16% layer.

We can accommodate your custom mixed feeds. The Co-op specializes in custom mixed feed for your county and state fair animals.



Brad Robson
Purina Nutrition Livestock Production Specialist
Office: (608)483-2194
Cell: (608)792-4584
Neil Kumm
Feed Dept. Manager
Office: (608)483-2194