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Our Brands


Chaseburg Co-Op specializes in many different feeds and nutrients for your animals from brands such as Hubbard, Westway, Crystalyx, and more. From feeding the cattle to feeding man’s best friend, we have the feed you need!

Cows in a dairy barn
Cows eating silage in cowshed

Dairy & Beef

  • Proteins – Custom Blends
  • Minerals and Premixes
  • Dry Cow Feeds
  • Hubbard Weatherized beef mineral
  • Hubbard Blueprint mineral and tubs
  • Hubbard Steer Pellets
  • Crystalyx Brand lick tubs

Calf & Companion Animal

Calf and Heifer
  • Chaseburg custom blended milk replacers
  • Land O Lakes branded milk replacers – Cows Match
  • Hubbard branded complete calf feeds
  • Chaseburg Coop custom mixes
Companion animal
  • Grain-Free Dog Food
  • Hubbard Branded Horse Feed
  • Rabbit Chow
Dog holding bowl in mouth waiting for food
Day old chick looks for food


Here at Chaseburg Co-Op, we specialize in custom mixed feed for your poultry county and state fair animals! We have our own mill mixed feeds on hand which include calf starters and growers (texturized) and poultry 16% layer. We provide Black sunflower, Thistle seed, Cardinal mix, Cracked and shell corn

  • HG chick starter and grower
  • Layer 18
  • Duck and Goose grower


Sheep Feeds
  • Hubbard Lamb Creep
  • Lamb starter and grower
  • Premier sheep mineral
Lamb hand feeding
Cow licking lips and standing in a field with sun behind it


  • Supplemental lick tanks for pasture or dry lot
  • TMR tanks and custom formulas
  • Custom blend mixed feeds
  • Custom Blend liquid direct to the farm

Our Feed Staff

Feed Dept. Manager
Jared Hegge

Livestock Nutrition Consultant
Terry Wilker
Mobile: 608-790-1996

Aerial view of farm with fields

How Can We Help?

No matter what your farming and agriculture needs are, Chaseburg Co-Op is your one-stop-shop! From keeping your animals fed and crops nourished, to keeping your family warm at home, we are here to help. Give our team of specialists a call at 608-483-2194.